My Newest Header

My Newest Header

Dedicated to God's Blessing; My Beautiful Daughter; Ashley Chantel whom is now 17..!

Dedicated to God's Blessing; My Beautiful Daughter; Ashley Chantel whom is now 17..!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

Decoupaged Rose Oval Plate..!

I love "China-Looking" dishes, and this plate is no exception...!
I simply found this plate at a Dollar Store;
Had an idea in my mind with an extracted rose from a sheet of wallpaper;
Then I decoupaged the vinyl roses on and gave it 3 coats of a
high-gloss spray....
Not bad for my first attemp;  Now I'll try with it's matching dishes.!

Just used;
* Decou-Page (Mod Podge)
* Sponge applicator
* Extracted rose pattern with exacto-knife from wallpaper book
* 3 coats of Krylon Gloss Top Coat and Protectant

Many Thanks for Taking a Peek...!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One of my most favorite magazines;
Romantic Living;
One of these years, my home is going to look exactly like that..!

Many Thanks for Taking a Peek..!


Decoupaged Glass Bowl..

This is a large green glass bowl that I just finished decoupaging;
Since altered arts is a fairly new hobby to me that I just took up, I, unfortunately forgot...Again..!
To take a "before" picture of it...!! lol!!!

Anyways;  It was a large octagon-shaped glass bowl that I decoupaged with some wrapping paper that I purchased at the Dollar Store..

I trimmed the top rim with soft pale yellow lace, blue roses, and a cloth-wire butterfly...!!

I added some old tulling into the bowl with some large faux blooms, and called it Done..!

Products Used;

*Wrapping paper
*Pale yellow lace
*Blue roses
*Faux flowers

Although it was my very first decoupage project, I'm very happy with the way it turned out..!!

Do you remember this old green glass bowl Ash..?

Many Thanks for Taking a Peek...!

Altered Box..

This is an altered box I just finished creating;
Unfortunately I forgot to take the "Before" picture of it, so I'm not able to show what it looked like "Before" I altered it..!! lol..!!
It was a large black box with a transparent window on the top that used to belong to my daughter;
I didn't like the "window" part as it was just plastic and scratched up, so I completely altered it in wallpaper and embellies...!
I used
* Faux flowers
*Bird & nest
The picture below is the box picture taken from the top view...
Many Thanks for Taking a Peek..!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ash...My Beautiful Daughter;

I'm currently also working on starting my
"Shabby Chic" Collection
I will post as I can..
Also thinking of changing my blog name;

To Be Continued;

Love Mom

Mountain Man..!

This is a layout I created of my husband Terry;
Anything to do with the outdoors/woods/
Mountain climbing/scambling..

Many Thanks for Taking a Peek..!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My "Tim Holtz" Vegabond Machine..!

My Very Own Vegabond...!

Actually, I got this for my birthday last August;
And realized I hadn't even uploaded it yet...!
Super Kewl looking travel suitcase;
The perfect Die-Cutter machine made especially for Masculine Embellishments;
However, is used for all kinds of cuts...
I haven't used my "travel stickers" yet for it; but soon will...

Below are the accessories I've bought for it so far...

If you were to take a look through my Masculine Gallery, You'll see the layouts that I have used the Vegabond for..

Many Thanks for Taking a Peek...!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ashley Chantel's Graduation..!

Remember this one Ashes...?

Your Graduation Portrait that I scrapped "Digitally", and then
Scrapped "Traditionally" for Wall Hanging..!

I first created the portrait "digitally";
Then I had the leftover material from her graduation gown -- which Ash quickly outgrew.!
I used the material of her grad gown, and scrapped it almost like a "pincushion" style..
Used beads and pearls, pearl pins, ribbon, floral, and butterfly...!!

The first picture is taken without flash;

The one below I took "with flash" to show greater detail....!!

Many Thanks for Taking a Peek...!

Love Mommy

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Sweetest and Most Loveable "Tippins"

Soon to be "Traditionally Scrapped!"

Our kitty "Q-Tip"


"Tippins" for short...

Always "Buggin for More Luvins"

Many Thanks for Taking a Peek..!!


Baby Ashes' Shabby Shadowbox..

Remember this one Ashes..?

I created this shadowbox for our daughter Ash when she was a beautiful bundle of Baby's Breath...  ;)

I've also added some lace curtains to this layout, that I will soon post to follow;

Love Mommie

Many Thanks for Taking a Peek..!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ashley's Junior Graduation with brother Carl..Sweet Moment....

Remember the year Ashes...?

You and Carl at your Junior Graduation..

I haven't traditionally scrapped it yet, but when I do, I'll be posting it for you...!!

It's such a Beautiful picture of the two of you together...

Love You Baby Girl...!!

Mom  oxoxox

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A layout of our son Carl I created back a little while ago;
Whenever a layout comes to my mind, that ends up being the
inspiration to put my ideas on paper...!
Carl is now 19...
Many Thanks for Taking a Peek...!
* I know you've seen this one before Ash, but I realized I didn't have it on our blog yet, so here it is..! *

Daughter's are Flowers that are Forever in Bloom...!

An older layout I created of our daughter Ashley when she was about 3 years old....She is now 18...!

I could always create a million scrapbook layouts of her....!

Love You Girl...!

Monday, January 23, 2012

This Beautiful layout is of our daughter Ashley..;
One for posing for the camera, makes it sooo easy to scrap any pictures of her I can get..!
This one is what I call Hybrid/Fusion;
Meaning I digitally created the picture first, then I printed it out and Traditionally scrapped it...

Ash..I know you've already seen this one, but I had to add it to our blog..!

Many Thanks for Taking a Peek..!!
* Now "this" is my kind of diamond ring...!! *

Mama's Most Favorite Perfume.....!!

Oh how I "Wish" my bathroom could be this one..

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Carlton's Graduation 2010

Ashes;  Here is a layout of Carl's Graduation..
A layout I created of our son Carl; 
His Grade 12 Graduation Portriats..
I always love to use an abundance of chains;
Golden letters; Tim Holtz Embellies;
use of my Cricut Cutting Machine..

Close-Up's of some of the detail are below;

Many Thanks for Taking a Peek..!

" Thank-You so much for Taking the time to Look.. "
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